Under normal circumstances, this will not be the type of post you’ll see, but I wanted to let you know what you’re in store for (in case you randomly like to read blogs starting with the oldest post).

My goal is to review books as I finish them. In other words, this is not intended to be a running commentary on the literary world. It’s just me giving my thoughts on what I’m reading. I may post a couple of times a week. I may only post once a month. Depends on the book (or in some cases if I’m reading multiple books at the same time and then finishing them in a wave).

The general format you should expect are thoughts on the book that could be read by anyone without giving key details away, including a basic recommendation or basic comparisons to other books. Then I may go more specific, but I’ll always flag that section to prevent accidental spoilers.

No rocket science. This isn’t serious literary criticism. This is just someone reading books and sharing thoughts. You won’t see the word allegory. You won’t hear anything about larger metaphors. I’ll just let you know if I like a book and why.

Otherwise, there’s nothing to see here. Wait for the first real post and it’ll be super duper awesome.