This is a quick review because I’m a few days late and on a phone. Not mine. I stole one to do this real quick. Worst Crime Ever.

Finished this book once I was done with Secondhand Souls. This was my B book. Once it was the A book, it went quick. It also got better as it got further along. Probably. Sometimes books are just better when I’m actively reading them.

It’s a story of refugees in a fantastical land where exactly 8 people at most in the land (one for each kingdom) are able to use magic through conduits. The refugees are from a kingdom where all but 8 people are slaves for another kingdom following shenanigans, hijinks, and tomfoolery by a villainous creature.

The plot follows a girl who seems normal but we all know she must secrectly be special, somehow some way.

And she is. I won’t say how.

To get to it quickly, I liked that it followed one character and was completely from her perspective (the next book in the series changes that, and I’m undecided on how that will go). It’s a bit sappy at times, not fully a fantasy, not fully an adventure story, not fully a political saga, and not fully a romance story.

2.5 chili peppers out of 4. Worth a read if it sounds good (if it’s not your cup of tea, search elsewhere).