A weird habit of mine is always keeping a book going on my Kindle so I can read at random times (like meals, trips, or just other lulls in the day). I read Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch (that is a REALLY difficult name to spell) that way. At odd little moments, I was grabbing working my way through the book. Near the halfway point or so, I finished the hard copy book I was reading (no clue what it was; check whatever was reviewed immediately prior) and then hit a roll on the book. I liked it enough to go after the second in the series, Ice Like Fire.

And I did the same thing. I had it going on my Kindle, but it wasn’t my primary book. I think I actually managed to read 2 or 3 other books as I was reading this one. And like the former, the latter wasn’t read until I finished a hard copy and was past the magic halfway point in the plot.

This makes it difficult to really review the book properly. I know this, and I’m going to keep doing it anyway.

If you haven’t read Snow Like Ashes and think you might, stop reading now. I can’t even review this without spoiling the first book.





Ok, we all good? Fantastic. Let’s get this review really rolling.

This book continues our warrior queen’s story 3 months after the big bad’s been vanquished in the first book, and now she has to deal with the insidious bad that is the king of the only kingdom that’s even been remotely helpful (though that king did his best to sell them out).

Now she has to figure out a way to get out from under the slightly less evil king’s thumb while juggling to attractive suitors.

The thing that throws me off just a bit about this series is that both of the books take a really long time to let people sit around and not do much, and then they make a mad spring in the second half of the book to cover the rest of the plot. It’s an interesting tactic. It means the books take a while to build (not helped by my intermittent reading), and then you reach this magic line where you know things are about to go down, so you don’t want to stop reading.

In terms of judging the book, it’s ok. I give it 3/5 stars on Goodreads, and that’s just good enough for me to read the last book, but just barely. It’s a bit too close to Matched in that I think I care more for the plot than the actual story sometimes (and I never went further into the Matched series for that reason).

This one switched to a dual narrator format. The lead, Meira, keeps most of the story, but now they turn it over to love interest Mather for a few chapters. It’s not enough to feel invested in his story, though. Instead, you’re just getting some plot points. Again, I like the book more for the plot than the story, and the plot’s not that special. It’s just a typical hero’s journey of the unknown turning out to be something special all along. At least with the first book, we didn’t know why Meira was special at first. In this book, we know why she’s special; now we just need her to get things done.

When the last book comes out, I’ll finish things out, but I’m not eagerly awaiting anything. I’ve got some graphic novels to catch up on.