Keeping this one short. I’m typing on a mobile device. God, that sounds pretentious.

I wasn’t in the mood for anything in particular, so I decided to read Odd and the Frost Giants.  It’s a kids book released for world book day back in 2008. I picked up on a daily deal from HarperCollins for a buck or two not too long ago.

It’s about a kid who’s had an injury and leaves home and runs into a supernatural situation (has Gaiman ever written a book without a supernatural situation? You should have known this would happen). I can’t really say much more than it involves Norse mytholody.

This is making a short review long. Good book. Better for kids than adults, but a 10-year-old would be about the right age, I’m thinking, and it’s never too old for revisited mythologies or Neil Gaiman. Just maybe keep American Gods for when they hit their. teens.