This one’s a bit of an odd duck to review because it’s not like anything else I’ve read, and there’s really not a whole lot to say.

The Chairs’ Hiatus is a free online graphic novel by Matthew Bogart. In terms of the artwork, it’s closer to Scott Pilgrim than The Sandman. Tonally, it’s not like any of the graphic novels I’ve read. The jokes aren’t there. There’s no mystical powers. It’s just a graphic novel about a downer situation.

The story follows someone who quits a band and moves into a life of obscurity until her old life finds her again. Then we deal with the old wounds that led to the self-imposed exile.

All in all, it was an interesting if different read. I actually heard about it from Maggie Stiefvater’s Goodreads page. I decided to give it a try, and I liked it. To support the author, you can buy a print or digital copy. I still haven’t, but I hope that I go forward with it sooner than later. I think it’s always good to support someone going their own route, so I’d say definitely check it out. It looks like he’s got some other work on his site, so I might check it out later.