My reading comes in ebbs and flows, especially because I’m usually actively reading multiple books at once. As it happens, I was near the end of rereading three books at the same time. I closed of Generation Kill yesterday, and I finished New Moon today. Hopefully, The Magician King will follow tomorrow.

I won’t sugarcoat things: I severely dislike reading New Moon. I’m actually a fan of the other Twilight books. They’re campy. The characters are unrealistic and borderline psychotic in their feelings for each other. But they’re addictive fun. I won’t pretend I’m a better person for having read them, but I also won’t pretend I’m too snobby to have enjoyed reading them.

Multiple times.

Yep, this is not the first time I’ve reread these books. I think I’m on my fifth go, actually. They’re not challenging, and they’re a quick read. They’re the escapism I usually look for that I deviated from while reading Generation Kill. Plus, I honestly enjoy rereading books. You catch things you didn’t the first time.

In multiple rereadings of The Twilight Saga and especially New Moon, I’ve come to a conclusion: Bella’s dumb, and Jacob and Edward are selfish, even if they’re all well-intentioned.

Probably the main reason I like this one the least, though second books are usually my least favorite in series, is that it deviates the most from the core storyline. While it helps set up the future books in the series, it uses a detour from the key story to do so. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban does a similar thing, which is why it was my least favorite book in that series (though it was oddly my favorite movie of the franchise).

The core of the Twlight books is the love story. While Edward’s exit (seriously, if that was a spoiler, I don’t think you were ever going to read or watch this story) is necessary to set up the unnecessary love triangle, it makes for a stutter step in the series. It’s such a stutter step, that I actually stopped in the middle of reading this book more than two years ago. Yeah, I paused for two years in the middle of the book. And where did I pause? When Edward disappears. Why? Because mopey Bella is boring Bella, and I didn’t want to deal with 200 pages of that when I didn’t have to.

But it’s over. I’ve already got a few books that are in the reread pile, so we’ll see when I get to Eclipse.