How does a 650-page book seem short?

That’s something I still struggle with on my endless rereadings of the Harry Potter series. After the near 900 pages of Order of the PhoenixHalf-Blood Prince seems like a quick jaunt. A quick, depressing jaunt.

To catch the newbs up, Harry has just watched another loved one die and found out that he is in fact the chosen one.

HBP begins with our hero coming to terms with things as he goes back to magic school. Magic school sounds a lot less whimsical from Harry’s perspective.

Really, though, the movie from this book had some great things that weren’t in the actual book.

Clearly, I’m stalling.

Here’s the thing: I enjoyed the book, but sitting right after my favorite is not an enviable position. This book always pales in comparison to the book I read right before it. That’s not to say it isn’t a good book. You’ve finally got what it means for Tom Riddle to be on the loose and the misery that ensues. You’ve also got your protagonist coming down from 5 straights years of adventures. Arguably, the 6th book puts Harry in harms way the least often.

Mostly, though, this book is just a placeholder until you can get to the 7th book, which I loved, that paves the way for Snape apologists, which I hate (that they’re apologists, not them personally).

So this post is really just a placeholder until I read the 7th book to conclude the series that didn’t really close because Cursed Child is waiting (and there’s a whole bunch of other Pottermore releases).