This one took way too long to finish consider I usually read the comics volumes in a couple of days (unless I’m bingeing something else). Y: The Last Man Volume 2 is good. I won’t pretend I didn’t like it.

But I like Saga better. Knowing this (and knowing that I picked up a few Saga volumes on sale), I just couldn’t make myself dive into the second volume. It’s an interesting story, but it doesn’t grab me quite as quickly as intergalactic war for some reason.

For those of you not in the know, The Last Man follows the last two male mammals on the planet: a guy and his capuchin. Shenanigans obviously ensure.

It’s actually interesting to read it now compared to when the comics were originally published. It’s a very political book, though there are sociological and psychological implications as well.

The politics through today’s lens are really intriguing. You see the same left/right comparisons, and you see the implications of what happens if men drop off the face of the earth (or are left as rotting corpses in the middle of the road).

This is a serious series with jokes thrown in. There’s no getting around that. It’s depressing. They kill off people like George R. R. Martin, though they’ve left main characters alone so far. But if you see someone nice, they’re probably going to be shot in the head.

I’ll probably work my way through what I have for Saga and possibly iZombie before I get back to this series. It’s good, but it’s not quite good enough to distract me from my other options.

Until then, book nerds.