That is possibly the stupidest title I’ve ever written, and I’m totally leaving it there.

I mentioned in my last review how long it took me to get through the second volume of Y: The Last Man in part because I was wanting to read Saga more, and then I read the next volume I had of Saga in a day. Don’t get me wrong, comic volumes don’t take long to read, and I think Saga is shorter than Y: The Last Man, but it’s clear I like Saga better.

The story, despite being out of this world (literally), is one that is more easily latched on to. You also have that trick that some novelists use of telling multiple stories at once that are stretched far apart.

Because Y: The Last Man is basically a road trip, we don’t get far away from our core heroes. If one story lulls, they all feel like they lull. Saga, on the other hand, gives us access to multiple story arcs that are well away from each other. One series has a key focus and the other has multiple. And weirdly, I like the multiple better. Generally, I like to focus on the hero’s journey, so to speak. In this case, you don’t feel like you have a hero, just a bunch of dysfunctional people running around like crazy.

I also like the artwork better. I don’t dislike the artwork in Y: The Last Man, but I don’t love it. In Saga it feels simpler and more emotive. The characters seem more expressive despite seeming less photorealistic (Is that a word? It should be a word if it isn’t.).

Aside from these overarching things, what’s going on in the third volume of Saga? Well, volume 2 ended with the group being cornered. Volume 3 explains how we go there. We actually spend an entire volume just reaching where we left off in the last volume.

It worked, but it’s a little annoying.

The series does a great job of humanizing everyone. I don’t know that there’s a true bad guy in the story. We have people with agendas, and they’re trying to accomplish those agendas. You don’t necessarily hate anyone. Maybe this is why I like the series.

As it relates to our story, our family is still behaving like a family (bickering and loving each other). The people chasing them are dealing with their own crap (one gets stabbed, another gets shot). And everyone keeps converging.

Plus, we get everyone’s favorite character: the lying cat.

This is an ongoing series, so it’s probably going to be expensive to finish off, but I have two more volumes I picked up on sale, so see you when those get finished.

Adios, nerds.