The good thing about comics and graphic novels is that they don’t take terribly long to read, especially when they’re as riveting as Saga is. The downside is they don’t take terribly long to read, and they’re not free (unless you frequent the library, though this is evidently one of the more frequently challenged books).

I should note that I read the series through Comixology. As much as I prefer a hard copy over digital, especially for graphic novels and comic books, my bookshelves couldn’t take the onslaught of me reading a volume a day. I don’t think I’ve noticed a decline in the reading experience, but it is still a little weird to be reading comic books on a tablet.

And so it goes. Over the span of about 24 hours, I clipped out 2 volumes of Saga. Because I went through two volumes so quickly, I honestly can’t talk about them separately all that well, but because they’re in a series, I can’t really say much that doesn’t apply to the whole series.

Saga is still going strong and doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. This series doesn’t really give slow, plodding points. It does a good job of grabbing you with imagery and a constantly intense plot. The one thing that throws me off is how quickly time passes sometimes.

As much as this is a conventional escaping the bad guys story, it’s also very heavy and grounded in the real world (as much as a space odyssey can be). Your main focus is on the core family (even the families of the pursuers are a heavy focus). This bleeds throughout. This really is a story about family and relationships. Then you’ve got sex and drugs all over the place. And of course you see the consequences of war.

This is a heavy series, and the two volumes I read this week continue that trend. If you’re wanting to get into comic books but don’t want the typical superhero fare, this could be a good way to go. And because of the sheer weirdness of the story, this could be the only medium you find this story. HBO might (and it’s an extreme might) be able to pull this off as a TV show, but I couldn’t imagine this working as a movie.

So that was two volumes in two days. And wouldn’t you know it, volume 6 went on sale over Christmas, so I have that waiting on me. And volume 7 comes out in the spring.