The Saga continues…

Ok, I should work on my jokes. That counts as a joke, right?

Finished up volume 6 of Saga. This came on the tail end of a time jump and seemed primed to set up future stories more so than to tell its own. You have some happenings, but for the most part, not many people died. Generally, Saga likes to kill people as plot points. You don’t get much of that this go round. For the most part, this is about the pursuit of family.

When we last left our heroes (if we can call them that)

Wait, you should stop reading if you haven’t read volume 5. Volume 6 is awesome. So were 1-5. Go read the series and catch up already. Geez.

Ok, when we last left everyone, the kiddo was separated from both of her parents, though she had a grandparent, and they were being captured by the military (doesn’t matter which; they’re all bad as far as the family’s concerned). Bright side: the parents reunited.

This really is a family story. You’ve got the larger themes of war and bigotry, but at its core, this is a story about family. Protecting family. Saving family. Finding family on a heavily guarded planet. At the end of the day, family’s what matters.

Not a terribly long post because it’s not a terribly long volume. The next one gets published in March, and then I’m basically stuck waiting on volumes every 6 months. Oh well. I’m about to give Runaways a try, so maybe that will be another series for me to read. I may or may not be giving up on Y: The Last Man. Moves a bit too slow.

Until next time, party people.