I will be making this short 1) because I’m typing with my thumbs on a mobile device and 2) because I’m basking in knee pain and can’t concentrate very well.

After finishing the last book, I thought I was going to read a traditional novel, but I had also just bought Old Man Logan and wanted to read it before seeing the movie.

It was a long day and growing knee pain wasn’t helping. I figured I would read an issue or two of the series and go to sleep.

That did not go as planned. I finished the whole thing in one sitting (not as impressive as it sounds).

So Let’s (spoiler-free) review: The story follows Logan who’s given up the Wolverine moniker in an alternative Marvel future. He’s settled down with a wife and kids, and he’s retired the claws.

He gets asked by an old friend to help out on a transportation job, and we get the buddy comedy travel series we’ve always wanted, except for the comedy part.

This is a violent read, and it’s by no means perfect, but you’ve also got a good read that might give you a few weird dreams. I caught this on sale through Comixology, so it was well worth the cost. Related note, I still prefer hard copies, but Comixology is working out alright.

This is actually only the second time I’ve read a comic in the X-Men line (the first was one issue when I was like 8). Part of me wants to do the deep dive because X-Men was my favorite cartoon as a kid, but the other part of me wants to stay out except for self-contained stories like this. Short of good collections sales like this, I think I’ll be able to stay away. We’ll see.

With that, I’m calling it a night.