Once again, I’m on the phone doing a comic book volume review. This time we have Paper Girls. Brian K Vaughn (of Saga, Y: The Last Man, and Runaways fame) is the writer of this series.

Vaughn is what got me to the series, though I couldn’t have even vaguely told you what the series was about before I actually picked it up. I loved one of his series and liked the other two (so far), so I figured this was a reasonable gamble to take.

I was in a bookstore with a friend trying not to buy this. I managed to walk away, and then they treated me to a book, so I walked right back to it. Zero regrets.

This series is weird so far and I don’t even vaguely know what’s going on. I’m completely ok with that.

As with all the Vaughn series, he does a great job with the big-picture plot and isn’t lacking for short-term jokes. Where his series vary the most for me is the art. Saga is great but Y and Runaways lack a little in that area. Y seems especially bland.

This one has the dark ’80s vibe of ET, Super 8, and Stranger Things (the latter two being homages to ’80s movies even as they are set in the ’80s). Everything is left somewhat open for the reader to put their expectations on it, kind if like a blank canvas. This contrasts with the super bright, detailed Saga and Y and Runaways, which both offer more detail, though lack the visceral feel that Paper Girls has.

So far so good for the series. I can’t wait for the second volume. This is a fun little myatery which has left me with zero clue as to what’s going on. There are Paper Girls in the ’80s who stumble upon some weird stuff. That’s all I can tell you. And one of them smokes.