I wasn’t kidding in the last post about clipping through the Ms. Marvel volumes I have. Just finished volume 1, and I hate to delay a post, so here we are.

I’m not sure if this counts as a reboot since the original Ms. Marvel exists within this universe. It’s a new person taking on the name (and I think with different powers, but I haven’t read the Carol Danvers storylines).

The hero is Kamala Khan, the first Muslim character to head a Marvel series. There are three reasons I decided to read this series: 1) I’ve heard good things. Have to start there. 2) I want to stretch my point of view, so getting at least some representation of the Muslim community in the world of superheroes is a plus in my book. 3) It was on sale. I knew I wanted to read this series. But I’d hesitated to pull the trigger because comic book volumes aren’t exactly cheap.

Here’s where it gets funny: I accidentally bought the 5th volume first. Well, at that point I might as well just by the first 4 volumes too. They were all at a good price, so no worries.

The only downside is that I’m moving soon, so I’m trying to read these before I pack up, so I have 5 volumes, plus 1 volume of Squirrel Girl.

But let’s get to the book. I read it through Comixology. I prefer hard copies, but I prefer saving money more.

As for the story, it’s good so far. Nothing outstanding, but it’s interesting. You have the social commentary aspect that has to be fit in, so that’s a nice nuance to add (on that note, Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix special is fantastic if you want more overt social commentary). There’s no getting around that this was a deliberate act to have a Muslim character, so her being Muslim figures heavily into the first volume. Right now, it feels like a good balance. Comic books were best when normalcy just happens to have weird crap going on around it. It’s the people we care about. Always.

So, good story. How about the artwork? Well, it’s good, not great. It looks a lot like the The Runaways volume I read. Turns out it was the same guy. It’s not as good as Saga, but you still have good expressions in the artwork. If nothing else, the story isn’t inhibited by the art, though the art doesn’t add as much to it as it could.

First volume is very much the “I have powers but I don’t know how to use them,” aspect that you’re used to. You can also think of it like a baby horse. Ability is there. Coordination is not, so hilarity ensues.

I’m looking forward to the next volume. I’m also looking forward to how this character works into the larger Marvel universe. But until next time, nerds.