I won’t spend a ton of time on this review because there haven’t been many changes. Mostly it’s more of the same. This volume collects four issues of Ms. Marvel plus an issue of SHIELD that she features in.

This last issue is what triggered what I really want to talk about: The art.

The comic has been evolving, but in this volume, the art seemed to take a more dramatic change. It seemed cleaner. Almost like Ms. Marvel got prettied up.

Then you get to the last issue in the volume and the change is much more drastic. Of course, I didn’t fully realize that it wasn’t a Ms. Marvel issue; it was a SHIELD issue, so the art change made more sense. But this sent me looking to see if the artist had changed.

And it had.

The art feels like the weak point of the series, but I like it better here than I did in the artist’s other series Runaways. It gelled with the tone of the series pretty well, but then there was a shift. I can’t say whether I preferred the before or after, but it was noticeable. In doing a little bit of research, I saw the artist was coming back in the next volume before transitioning out again, so this could be interesting.

The one thing it does that I don’t like is affect consistency. You expect progression but not jumping back and forth. The artist is as important as the writer for conveying a comic, so it’s a little disheartening they’re not finding that person yet, but maybe it gets worked out sooner than later.

As for the story, not a lot to say really. You get to see the character settling into her first post-boss lull before the foreshadowing of the next big story arc occurs. There’s one twist that was telegraphed a mile away, but there’s another than could be called a decent enough twist. I won’t ruin either for you, though.

Either way, on to Volume 4, buckaroos.