I’m at the end of my line for Ms. Marvel for now. This is the 5th volume I accidentally bought instead of the 1st, and I’m about to be moving, so no buying new books for a while.

When we last left Ms. Marvel, the world was ending around her. And then it didn’t. Or it did. I never really figured out the math of all this.

In between then and now, she became an Avenger. Not a bad way to go. She also started to lose track of personal connections. Typical superhero fare.

This balance is the bulk of what this volume is about. You’re going to see her grappling with trying to do everything she wants, which of course doesn’t work. The action is nice, but the personal entanglements are funny and what I consider the heart of this series.

There wasn’t anything terribly stellar about this storyline. It was good not great. The art changes in the middle. Twice. Alphona only did one issue, then it switches to Takeshi Miyazawa and then Nico Leon. I didn’t notice the transition between the latter two. Going back and looking, I can see some difference, but they both take the original work and just make it look a little cleaner. Doesn’t feel like any aesthetic is lost in the process. But Alphona is coming back for later issues, so I guess I just get to deal with constant changes. Ugh.

The closest thing I have to a gripe is Ms. Marvel operating in the larger Marvel universe now. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it makes it harder to tell her story if she’s also dealing with the Secret Wars timeline and being an Avenger. Being an Avenger also means you have to read those books if you want to stay completely up-to-date, which is why I avoid mainstream series because there are just too many books to keep track of. Basically, unless I want to go seek out each of her appearances, I have to live with the fact that I’m going to miss some of her story now. I don’t want to also read The Avengers. There are too many books out there in the world for a comic book rabbit trail.

All this said, I enjoy the Ms. Marvel series. I’ll probably wait for them to go on sale again (though ironically, the 7th volume is set at a better deal right now than the 6th volume is because of course it is). I like the micro story of Kamala Khan better than the macro story of the Marvel Universe.