The reason I even know about this comic book character? Anna Kendrick. In Anna we trust. Seriously, she’s even responsible for me learning about an old folk song. And let’s not forget that she also wrote an awesome book.

If a restraining order wouldn’t be a result, I would ask her to marry me.

UPDATE: Anna Kendrick will not be Squirrel Girl, but Milana Vayntrub will be, which is also a completely awesome answer.

We’re off topic before we even got on topic. Squirrel Girl is a one-off character in an Iron Man story who then was no longer a one-off character, making some bit appearances along the way before getting her own series.

And that’s where we are today.

It’s a straight up silly series. It’s a much lighter take than anything else I’ve read in the comics realm (though in fairness, the others have included eternal entities, interspecies war, and an apocalyptic world). Everything about it takes on a lighter tone. You have artwork that skews much closer to Saturday morning cartoons. You have meta jokes of Deadpool’s villains collector cards. And you have a girl who is half squirrel. And talks to squirrels. Seriously. Squirrels.

Certainly, it’s not my favorite series. There’s not enough substance for that. And there’s no real overarching plot that I can see yet. It’s fluff. The best works make you feel something, and you’re not going to get that here. Even Scott Pilgrim would make you feel something with its silliness.

The world won’t be changed by this comic, but that’s ok. It’s a good distraction. I’m in no rush to continue to reading the series, but I’m in no rush to watch whichever Ice Age movies I’ve missed. I still loved the first one though. Sometimes you just need a break from all the serious stuff. I’m reading Pride and Prejudice, so I need something that sparkly to just occupy time with.

If you want a fun comic, this is a good way to go. Think Deadpool without the gore. I’m not sure what she’s like when she’s being featured in other stories, including as a nanny, but this series is light and fun. We could all do with light and fun every now and then.

Next up on the finish list? I don’t know. Pride and Prejudice if I’m on my game, re-read of Eclipse if I’m not. Or I could go rogue. But since I’m moving soon, going rogue seems unlikely (and not to be confused with Going Rogue by a certain former Alaska governor who can see Russia from her house, which is even more unlikely).

Adios, nerds.