I like to re-read books. I’ve made no secret of that. In fact, some books have been re-read multiple times. The Harry Potter series has been so ingrained in this process that I honestly don’t know how many times I’ve re-read them.

Well, that’s not the only series. I did it with Twilight too. Not my proudest achievement, but the books are like crack. I can’t give you a solid count, but I think I’m on my 5th round going through the series. In the past decade, I’ve come to see the series in a different light. Especially problematic elements.

But I still like them. Mostly. I maintain the same order of preference for the books in the series: TwilightBreaking Dawn/Eclipse (depending on my mood), and New Moon. Seriously, New Moon can go to YA vampire fiction hell.

I’ll explain: Twilight, in the long run despite its problematic elements (entirely too strong feelings from teenagers the likes of which haven’t been seen since two teens committed suicide because their families didn’t get along, stalking, and creeping into windows at night), will be seen as a good book. It’s a cheesy love story, but it works out pretty well if you get past the sparkly vampires. It’s still crack to read each time. The third and fourth books just finish out the series. The third book is the one the love triangle is built on, and honestly, the love triangle is overrated. The fourth book finishes things off with a level of weird never before seen without the use of hallucinogens. They’re fine. And New Moon sucks. It’s just a fact.

But we’re here for Eclipse, the third book in the series. This is where Bella comes to terms with loving a vampire but wanting to friendzone a werewolf.


What makes these books interesting isn’t the supernatural element. That’s just what pulls you in. The same way that The Host is really a love rectangle story that just so happens to involve an alien invasion, this is a love triangle that just so happens to involve supernatural creatures.

All of this is fine. The problem is for a love triangle to work, there needs to be a real pull. As much as the book portrays Bella wanting Jacob to be in her life, she makes it clear that romantically he never has a shot. You can root for the guy all you want, but if the person in the middle isn’t wavering, how do you waver as a reader? If you view the series through the lens of a love triangle, this is the book that’s supposed to be the foundation. It’s a shaky foundation. It’s easier to see the series as a love story.

But all in all, there’s nothing terribly wrong with the book. It’s mostly just watching Bella sit around hurting people’s feelings and those people letting her. Nothing outstanding. Nothing horrible. Mostly just a book. And that’s perfectly ok.

At some point, I’ll work through Breaking Dawn again, and I’ll probably be ok not to read the series for a while again. The series hasn’t aged well. It’s like revisiting teen dramas of old (The OC, for the win): Objectively, you know it’s not the greatest thing on the planet, but you can also see how it dragged you in initially.

But with that, I’m done with physical copies of books in my abode. I’m now fully digital as I get ready to embark on my move. This will probably be the last post I make before the move, so in honor of seeing you on the other side of those state lines: