Q Reviews Books

Review 'em as I read 'em. This isn't nearly as fancy as other reviewers. I think they might have taken more than one literature class in college.

Wait, what’s this?

This is possibly the most awesome blog ever. It’s probably not, but it’s still possible. 

Really, you’re at an amateur book reviewing blog. When asked that stupid question, “What would you do if money didn’t matter?”, my answer was always “Nothing.” The second best answer is reading books. But I do that anyway. Then I’d write.

I don’t write enough. This is just a writing outlet for me, and possibly something useful for other people.

And it wouldn’t be an about page without giving some idea of what I like to read: good books.

Maybe I should be more specific. General trends: humor (Douglas Adams, Christopher Moore), young adult (Maggie Stiefvater, Rick Riordan, Michael Scott), and fantasy (Rowling, Tolkien, Butcher) are the most common genres. Otherwise, I’m just reading things as I can and generally trying to rotate between types of books (e.g., if I read a downer, then I look for something lighter the next go-round).

My first blog post has a little more intro material. And of course, here’s my goodreads profile so you can see the assortment of books I’ve read in the past (that I can remember).


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